All pricing depends on the breed, type and condition of your Dog’s coat. Please note that all Grooms include nail trims and ear cleaning.

Puppy Groom

The first groom is the most important for breeds that will have a lifetime of grooming. This introduction to the grooming experience is for puppies under the age of 5 months who have had all their shots. We provide a bath and blow dry and, depending on breed and squirminess, a little trim.

Bath & Brush Out

Popular with breeds like labs, German Shepherds, pug, etc., who require the removal of excess hair and undercoat. Also a great option for dogs that have made friends with a skunk.

Bath, Trim & Tidy

We recommend this service for dogs whose coats require a bit more attention in order to maintain that perfect breed specific or puppy cut. Following a brush out, bath and blow dry, the dog is trimmed and tidied around the head, paws and hind area. Pricing depends on a Dog’s size and amount of coat. Many dogs in this category are groomed every 6-8 weeks…please ask the Groomer what schedule your dog should be in to maintain your preferred look.

The Works

A little too much time passed between appointments? It includes a brush out, bath and blow dry followed by a breed specific
or ‘show’ cut.

Additional Charges & Services:


$60 per hour of dematting

Additional Services:

no appointment necessary but we do suggest calling in advance

  • Nail Trim – $15
  • Face trim – $15
  • Nail & Face Trim – $25