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Our mission:

Provide our customers the finest in pet nutrition,
treats, toys, and grooming services at fair and
competitive prices. Offer unmatched customer
service, support the community around us, and maintain
longstanding positive relationships with our partners.

Our Dog Talula joined our family in 2006. Since then we have been committed to her well-being and making sure she lives a long, healthy and happy life. However, like a lot of pet owners, we were overwhelmed with the unclear information and marketing that came our way in respects to pursuing this goal. This frustration quickly grew to an obsession and we realized we had something to offer other pet parents. When we opened our doors in September 2008, we were excited to offer the Aurora area a different kind of pet store. A store where a pet's well-being is top priority and information is clear and transparent, all while not looking like a typical “pet store”. We are always sourcing out new high quality products to offer customers and finding interesting ways to display these new finds.

A name change in 2011 has allowed us to be further committed to this objective. Since 2006, Talula has graciously endured the addition of two naughty cats and two fun-loving boys and one determined little girl. She will always be our dog and we will always be her company.

Her Mom was a Golden Retriever who had a rendezvous with the Lab X farm dog from next door...shhh please do not tell her that she's not purebred, we don't think she has a clue. Talula spends her days lounging on her bed and co-conspiring with her cats on how to get food off the counter. She loves coming to the store to meet everyone and let them have the chance to give her a scratch, but if there is an opportunity to go to the cottage, she's gone!

FamilyMark and Jillian of Our Dog & Company have surrounded themselves with friendly, knowledgeable and talented colleagues. The team's commitment and expertise has allowed the store to thrive since opening. They have an understanding and passion for all creatures; this is demonstrated every time they talk to pet parents. Everyone at Our Dog & Company works hard to ensure the Dog (and/or Cat) in your life is well taken care of and your experience at the store is a positive one.